Hey there, I’m a digital marketing nerd at heart having started my own digital agency Fireside over 14 years ago. I work primarily in eCommerce in a few different ways:

Agency Work

We help brands turn their traffic into revenue through Conversion Rate Optimization and Email Marketing/SMS and have been fortunate to work with a lot of fun brands like MUD/WTR, Far Niente Winery, Alpha Industries, Vive Organic, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Flex Fit and many others.


I love the space so much I also invest (Calm, SpaceX, Seed, Spark Grills, MindBloom) and am an investor in two different funds Sandbox Ventures and The Fund.

Everything Else

I write a weekly newsletter covering the latest tips and insights I’m seeing in the space including brands I admire and some of the latest books/podcasts I’ve been reading and listening to.

When I’m not geeking about all things eCommerce you can usually find me reading the latest sci-fi/fantasy book, building community (mostly online these days) or learning about how to stay sane in this crazy world of being an entrepreneur.